Frequently Asked Questions


 1.       How do I Place an Order?

–          Placing an order with is easy. You will have to select the product. Select the size, color and height. Then click on add to cart. Click on proceed to check out then you will have fill all your billing and shipping details. Select the payment option and complete your order.

2.       Can I call customer service to place the order? Do you accept orders over phone?

–          Yes you can the customer service to complete the order. Or even select Live Help Online. Orders which are accepted over the phone cannot be completed using PayPal option due to security reasons.

3.       How will I come to know my order was accepted?

–          Once you complete your order placing on our website you get a order number instantly and also you will receive a confirmation call and email for the same.

4.       Do I need to sign up to place the order?

–          You can either sign up first to place the order or else you can even place the order without signing up first.

5.       I don’t remember my user id and password to log in. What do I do?

–          You will have to contact customer support representative and ask them for the user id or password. Please provide your first and last name or email id to get your account details.

6.       How can I access my account history?

–          You can use your user id and password at MY ACCOUNT  option to access your account.

7.       How can I track my order?

–          Once your order is shipped our customer service executive will send you an email with the tracking information. You can then track your order to get the updated progress of the shipment. Or else you may even track the order here.

8.       How can I check the status on my order?

–          You may check the status in your account log in or call our customer service department for getting the updated status of the order.

9.       Can I update my account details? How?

–          You can update your billing address by logging in your account. However for updating email id or shipping address you will have email the customer support with the new details.

10.   Can the shipping address be changed once the order has been delivered?

–          Yes, the shipping address can be changed after the order is delivered however you will have email us the new shipping address.

11.   I got an error while placing the order?

–          If you get any kind of error at any page on the website you are requested to contact the customer support team and report the error at that time, so that it can be rectified.

12.   Your checkout page does not accept my phone number and email id. How do I add the details?

–          While entering the phone number and email id on the checkout page or sign up page make sure you are not leaving any space before the characters or do not add dash(-) between the numbers.



 1.        What payment methods do you accept?

–          We accept payments’ via VISA, MASTER, PAYPAL OR A BANK TRANSFER.

2.        Do you accept gift cards?

–          Sometimes gift cards do not work and then will have to select another option for payment.

3.       How can I make payment via PayPal if I don’t have a PayPal account?

–          If you don’t have a PayPal account then one the PayPal checkout page you get an option to create an account.

4.       What is a bank transfer? How do I make payment via this option?

–          Bank Transfer is a payment option where in your will have to transfer funds from your account to our company’s account.

5.       Do you charge sales tax or are there any hidden charges?

–          There are no hidden charges. You only need to pay the order amount given at the checkout page.

6.       When I will be charged for my order?

–          You be charged at the same time when you place the order online.

7.        How will come to know the currency that I am willing to pay?

  1. –  The currency on the website is represented in USD ($) –UNITED STATES DOLLARS. If you need the price in other currency contact customer support.



1.       Do you allow bulk purchase?

–          Yes we do allow bulk purchase. You get more discounts in this case.

2.       Do you have a catalog?

–          We do not have a catalog. All our products are displayed on our website.

3.       Are the products on the website in stock?

–          Our products are not in stock and we make the products as per the need of the customers.

4.       How do I see the products in another color?

–          You will have to contact customer support ask for the image. You will receive the image of other color soon.

5.       How will I know the quality of the leather is good?

–          We have our skilled workmanship team that makes the products from premium quality leather and before the order is shipped our quality control department verifies the product and quality and then the order is shipped. Therefore the quality of the leather good will.

6.       How do I contact customer service?

–          Contact customer service at our toll free number or email us or select LIVE HELP online.



 1.       How do I order my size?

–          You can select the size from the measurement chart in case of the standard size or select custom option in case of body measurements.

2.       Do you make custom size?

–          Yes we do make custom size products and that is free of cost. However a heavy customization in the product may cost you extra.

3.       Where do I determine the custom size measurements?

–          When you select custom option and pop window will get opened where in you will have to submit the measurements or else you may even email us the measurements.

4.       My size is not mentioned in your chart what do I do?

–          If you are size is not in measurement chart then we request you to select the custom option and provide us your body measurements.

5.       Can I place the order for the product according to my specifications?

–          Yes you can make changes in the order however you will have to notify the details to us by sending an email.


1.       What is the shipping time for standard and express shipment?

–          The shipping time for standard shipment is 15-20 working days and for express shipment it will be 12-15 working days.

2.       Do you ship overnight?

–          We do not ship overnight as our products are not in stock.

3.       What is the shipping cost?

–          The shipping cost for standard shipment is $15 and for express shipment it will be $20.

4.       Which countries do you ship to?

–          We ship all over the world.

5.       Do I need to pay the shipping tax to customs?

–          No, there are no hidden charges. You don’t have to pay anything to customs.

6.       What if the parcel is received damaged?

–          If you receive a damaged parcel then you need to contact customer service department as soon as possible with the image of the damaged parcel. Then they will help you to resolve the issue.

7.       Do I need to sign for my order delivery?

–          Yes you need to sign for your delivery as we will not be responsible if your parcel is lost or damaged once delivered and signed by else.



 1.       How do I trust

– is an online fashion destination of leather apparels. We are not in stock and we make the products as per the customers need. Therefore we keep on communicating with the customer from time to time at each stage when the products are made. This helps you to know the status of the order and also build a trust with us. We also email you the order details and tracking information once we receive your order.

2.       Is all my information kept safe or provided to third party?

  1. -All you information is kept safe and we do not share any information to any third party as it is against our business policy.



 1.        How do I return or exchange the product?

–          You can check our refund and return policy for this query.

2.       Do you refund the order for the full amount paid?

–          Yes we do refund the order for full amount however there are certain conditions which you can check in our refund policy.

 3.       I was not satisfied with my order? What do I do?

–          Please contact our customer service department to resolve this issue.


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