Spaghetti Strap Style Women Leather and Chiffon Combination Short Dress


Rock your dance floor with this new style of outfit. The top is made from lamb leather with spaghetti straps which gives a unique look to the dress. The top features the concealed back zipper fastening. The front size the straps are attached to the bottom skirt. The skirt and the top is a one piece dress and the bottom skirt is made from chiffon fabric and is fully lined. Grab this cool style of leather outfit at leather sprite in the desired color required and size.



Features :

1. Mini Length
2. Top crafted from lamb leather
3. Spaghetti Straps front and back
4. Paneled at front waist with straps
5. Back Zipper Fastening
6. One Piece
7. Chiffon Fabric at Bottom
8. Fully Lined

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